Billy and Dan, High School Friends since 1988

Greetings and thank you for your interest in Good Stuff Tonics. We appreciate the opportunity to assist in your search for the right Cannabis product to aid your journey. If you are like my partner and I or our many customers you’ve got some challenges. The stresses of life, physical pain, emotional stress, and lack of sleep are common obstacles keeping us from fulfilling our true potential. We get it. We’ve been there. We feel your pain. The good news is you’re not alone and we can help. This is why we made Good Stuff Tonics. You should be able to unwind from your day, relieve your pain and sleep great in the cleanest way possible. So give the GST challenge a shot. Take some Good Stuff when you come home from work every night for a week and see what happens. When you just feel good lets us know. We would love to hear from you.

What you can expect from Good Stuff Tonics

1. Consistent Dosing – One of the challenges customers face is getting the same consistent high every time. We have grown so focused on ensuring that you get that consistent experience every time that we have contracted a group of scientist who specialize on the emulsification and homogenization of cannabis oils into water. We’re committed to you getting the same high every time. 2. Natural Ingredients – You should be able to read the label and have an idea of what’s in the product. We promise to always work to use the most natural ingredients possible and avoiding chemicals so our products won’t cause problems for you later. For example, we import our lemon juice from Italy. We do that to avoid the preservative “Sodium Benzoate” that has shown when mixed in a citric environment could be cancer causing. We are making the best decisions we can make for you about what should and what should not go into your body. 3. Real People – In a world of cannabis conglomerates we are a small family run operation. Bill & I have been friends since high school. My wife does shipping. My father helps with marketing coordination. If you ever have any questions or just want to reach out and say hi you can email us through the contact form or at and

Dan Grim, Founder and CEO

Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving

A little about me, when I was in my 20’s I went through some challenges. I didn’t feel good in life. So I went to Asia determined to find a better way to live. After a couple years of exploring I returned to the states and became comfortable with the way Cannabis helped me be deal with these challenges. Smoking didn’t fit me though and eventually I started playing with drinking Cannabis and eventually the Good Stuff Tonics was born.

Billy Roberts, Vice President

Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging

Not too long ago, I dealt with a three-year illness due to an undiagnosed parasite that wreaked havoc in my body. As I blamed hospitals and doctors for throwing pills at my symptoms, a friend offered this advice, “You are your own best advocate for your health. You determine what’s best, not them” This was my “Aha” moment. No more pills without a diagnosis. I incorporated a clean diet and lifestyle. If I had to go outside the “system” for doctors’ opinions, then I did. It was outside the traditional system that I received the proper diagnosis and solution. I emerged from the ordeal learning two very important lessons: 1. Don’t swallow pills for symptoms without knowing the cause. 2. Stay focused on a clean approach to diet and lifestyle.