Natural Health Honey Lemonade

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Keeping our beverages natural, healthy and delicious…

A healthy twist on a popular American beverage. Our Natural Health Honey Lemonade uses organic ingredients, is sweetened naturally with honey and organic cane sugar, and we did NOT add potentially toxic preservatives like sodium benzoate.

Do you want to relax with a well-prepared and delightful cannabis lemonade? Not only does it make you feel fantastic, but it's delicious too!

Check out this short video for a glimpse into The Good Stuff Tonics’ owners Billy Roberts and Dan Grim!

Turning the page from kombucha to Natural Health Honey Lemonade!

due to California regulations, it is impractical for us to manufacture cannabis Kombucha. That said, we are super excited to be introducing new beverages onto the California Cannabis scene - like our natural honey lemonades, Yerba Matte Teas, and others - all while we are keep our core beliefs.

What are our beliefs?

We believe that what you put into your body affects your health and your happiness. As a result, we make clean,healthy, and natural products. Furthermore, We use wholesome, local, & organic ingredients whenever we can. So, the ingredients you will find in our products are what we consider to be

The Good Stuff!

Find Some Good Stuff!


Good Stuff Tonics beverages has two flavors on the shelves! California Dispensaries now carry Natural Health Honey lemonade & Strawberry Hibiscus Lemonade. We are working hard on new flavors and will have more options soon!

Ask your dispensary to carry us so you too can enjoy some fast-acting, delicious, & healthy drinks!!!